Day 34 – Cafe Mania

100 Happy Days – Day 34

Happiness is finding new cafes.

Coffee at home

Coffee mania runs in our family. Like any typical TamBrahm household, we too wake up to the heady aroma of the extra-ordinary FILTER COFFEE. My grandmother’s coffee is one of its kind. When she prepares the decoction, I feel like I’m living in a huge coffee bean. When I drink her coffee, I believe that is how stars taste.

Coffee at office or restaurants

Once I step out, I don’t order coffee in restaurant or drink any from office. I want my coffee to be perfect and I order one only if I am sure of its reputation. While doing my article-ship, we had a client famous for their coffee. I always opted for that audit because, morning and evening, the coffee they served tasted so good. Not starry, but close enough. (Yeah I am more coffee oriented than carrier oriented :P)


I am a cafe maniac due to the coffee varieties and combinations available, the aroma and the ambiance. Plus, I love trying out unique drinks and snacks. Whenever I pass by new places, I note all the cafes on that route. If any of those look appealing, I add them to my list. So far, in Cochin, these are the cafes I have visited:

  1. Coffee Always
  2. CCD Ravipuram
  3. CCD Shenoys
  4. Coffee cube
  5. Coffee bean
  6. Chaicofi
  7. Chillax
  8. Coffeel
  9. Cocoa tree
  10. Canopy
  11. Coffee lounge
  12. Fort Cafe
  13. Kahawa Bistro
  14. Lokah Cafe
  15. French Toast (Bakery & Cafe)

Woah! Trust me! It is now that I truly realize that I am a cafe maniac. Today, I visited a new cafe – Tonico cafe at Kakkanad. The ambiance was good. They had some cute quotes and posters around, a smoking zone which attracts many youngsters and some free WiFi that attracts the rest.

But what caught my attention was the make of their menu. Made of wood, the menu had a unique touch.

Check this tablet

Looking out for something different, we ordered two chillers – Guava and Black currant.  Both tasted incredible, though I was more attracted to the purple colored black currant.


Guava and Black currant chillers

I had taken UNO cards with me to teach my friend the rules. The waiter came over and told us that cards weren’t allowed there. I was pretty bummed when I learnt that a place that allowed smoking, didn’t allow playing cards.

This gives another point for home coffee. My grandmother doesn’t stop me from playing UNO at the coffee table. 😛 Oh! Who am I kidding, no matter how many cafes I visit, how many coffees I drink, my grandmother’s coffee will be the starriest. :-*

Cheers to all the drinks we have had and all those we will be having! 😀

4 thoughts on “Day 34 – Cafe Mania

  1. Cool chillers !! 😛 😛 In btw it felt as if I have read this before too .. not sure ,, ANyway loved it and thanks for the info AND the bottomline that finally home coffee is the best as it allows us to play UNO cards too 😀 😀
    stay happy 🙂

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    1. Haha in fact I have noticed most of the people here aren’t so crazy about coffee. But somehow, my friends never forget to ask for the filter coffee when they get home. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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