Day 30 – Music

100 Happy Days – Day 30

Happiness is listening to music.

I am a choosy music lover. My playlist consists of melodies and most of them are Hindi songs. The minority consists of Malayalam, English and Tamil songs. Any kind of melody will not suffice for me. There are some particular type of Raagas and notes that draw me in. I need them. More than the lyrics, I focus on the Raaga.

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Music has not only helped me attain peace, but it has also given me some good friends. Sometimes, when you are as choosy as I am and you come across people with similar tastes, things just click for you people. That is how it is for me too. When I learn that a person likes most of the songs that are in my playlist, or he/she has songs that appeal to me, I get talking and there is no stopping me. If they happen to be an A R Rahman fan, I am on fire!

While going to a restaurant or a function and they play something that is pretty much like my playlist, I will frequent the restaurant more often. These decisions aren’t made voluntarily. The interest in Music does it sub consciously.

If you like melodies, you can go through the compilation of some of my favorite songs that I have HERE.

My current obsession is Laal Ishq from Ramleela. I just heard that song recently and I can’t let go of it. 🙂

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