Day 22 – Beginning A Saptaham

100 Happy Days – Day 22

I walk in, I pray and when I walk out, I am as good as new

To begin with, those who are skeptical about the existence of God and does not believe in prayers, may choose not to read further. Even if you do, please understand that the author of this post is not interested in any arguments regarding the same. The reason being, she doesn't interfere with others' belief and faith and expects the same from others.

Sapthaham is a Sanskrit word that means ‘7 days’. In the context of prayers, it is a sacrificial performance lasting for 7 days. In kaliyuga, it is said that chanting the name of Gods or Naamajapa is very powerful. Easy as chanting names may seem, it is difficult to get people to simply chant the names due to the multitude of distractions available.

I have gone months without praying due to my exams, work and other distractions. During those moments when I finally found time to pray, I could really feel the difference in me after the prayers. I felt light and there was a permanent smile on my face. It did not last for long due to the stress and umpteen things happening around me. But, it lasted enough to let me understand the difference. 🙂

Today, I decided to begin Shirdi Sai Satcharita Saptaham, where I will be reading the life story of Shirdi Sai Baba in seven days’ time. We believe that the Satcharita has so much of power that it helps us achieve what our heart wants. It might sound lame, but it happens through our own belief. Call it vibrations, positive thoughts or anything else. If we yearn for something with all our heart, with the belief that we will get it, it would manifest itself before us. Because, our mind would be occupied incessantly with the thoughts of our desire. And soon, if our yearning is at its extreme, our body, mind and soul would act as one towards achieving it. Prayer helps us confirm the faith. 🙂

Those who have read The Alchemist, would have realised by now that what I just said is another version of Paulo Coelho’s quote:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

                                                  My satcharita

You must be appalled by the appearance of the book. It belongs to my grandfather. A copy released in 1974. Initially, I wanted a new one for myself. Whenever I had to read, I used this, thinking I’ll get a new one soon. But now, I have decided to keep this. I believe old things, specially idols, divine portraits and prayer books have power – lots of power accumulated from the years of Pooja and prayers that they have witnessed. So now, I don’t want a new one. Probably, once I am done reading this for years, this Satcharitha would be one of the most powerful things at home. 🙂

What are the other methods that you use to pray? Do you have a prayer miracle? I would love to know 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 22 – Beginning A Saptaham

  1. Prayer has power, we don’t realize it. First as you said, it brings peace of mind. It is a great source of keeping mind burden free. However, if someone prays just to get a wish, things won’t work. You are making a trap of expectations. I don’t have a prayer miracle, but I am hoping for one. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I agree to it. Praying in times of need is not right. 🙂 I know too many people who scoff at prayers that I had to explain how prayers actually work. 🙂


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