Day 14 – Surprise Visits

100 Happy Days – Day 14

Happiness is when friends decide to give surprise visits.

Tomorrow my CS exams begins. Today noon, I was trying to study when suddenly the bell rang. I don’t know who got the door. But my sister came and told me that my friends had come home.

I was awestruck and went to the living room to find 3 familiar but unexpected faces there. I remembered one of them texting me & ask me if I were home casually. But I did not see this coming.


Ever since I left my office, I missed all the fun we used to have there. Being a CA firm, the place was pretty much like a college. The office atmosphere was maintained only during the tax seasons. During the off-season, our sirs had a tough time controlling all of us.

Unlike in college, we complete our articleship one by one as per our date of joining. A batch does not leave all of a sudden. So the feeling that some of my friends are still there, the tea time is still as noisy, some of the audits are still fun and I am not a part of it keeps bothering me. Well, I wouldn’t go back. I had a wonderful time there. I want to keep my memories as they are now. If I rejoin and find a different atmosphere, I’ll lose this fondness I have for the place. So, this doesn’t mean I want to go back. It means I want those days back. 🙂

That is evidently not possible. However, meeting those people, surprise visits like these, the knowledge that even in future we could continue to meet and be as we were, makes it so much easier. As I mentioned in another post, it is not about the place. It is about the same bunch of idiots.

They might not know how much this visit meant to me. No matter how many times I tell them, the words wont suffice. 🙂

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