Day 13 – Visitors on The Windowsill

100 Happy Days – Day 13

Happiness is the feathered visitors on the windowsill

Today morning, as I went into the kitchen, someone was drinking water. I said ‘hello’ and realized that she wasn’t actually drinking water, but just walking around. On enquiring, Ammamma (my grandmother) told me that she just took her bath and was waiting for her breakfast.


So I went over, took some grains, opened the window net and carefully placed the grains on the windowsill. To my surprise, she did not fly away unlike other pigeons. She just kept her distance with my hand and once I withdrew it, she began to peck away.


All the other pigeons fly away the moment someone enters the kitchen.

As you can see in the next collage, we keep a bowl of water on the windowsill for the birds. Normally, the birds come, drink, eat some grains and leave. This pretty lady takes a bath.


Yes. You heard that right. I’ll explain how her bath happens. It is beautiful to watch. She comes over every morning and takes some water in her beak. She moves her tiny head rapidly, splashing the water all around her and spreads her wings slightly. A portion of the water from her beak falls on her wings. She repeats this many times until she has cleaned up her entire body.

Now is the best part. After her bath, there is a lot of water on the sill where she is standing right? She slightly spreads her wings and sits on the water for a while. And then, she is fully clean. πŸ™‚

I did not take any snaps of her taking a bath (kuliscene :P). I though I should respect her privacy. But later, I was randomly taking her pictures and then, she gave me the look.


Ammamma kept a bowl of water on the window a couple of years back and Amma began feeding them grains. Ever since, many pigeons come and go. In this heat, keeping a water bowl is very helpful for these birds. When we cannot bear this heat staying indoors, imagine the state of these poor birds. Apart from this, it gives us so much happiness to watch them and know that a tiny deed of ours helped someone today. πŸ™‚

Do you keep a water bowl on the window? Well, I am planning to keep another one on the balcony where parrots, kingfisher and cuckoos are often seen. πŸ˜€ If I’m lucky, they too might pose for me. *Wish I had a camera*

4 thoughts on “Day 13 – Visitors on The Windowsill

  1. We have sparrows trying the same; we keep the outside buckets full after watering the plants – so they should find it interesting πŸ˜€
    Another theme change? πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww.. we don’t have sparrows coming to our windowsill. Oh yes. Found the theme more apt. Somehow wasn’t satisfied with the previous one. Funny fonts it had.

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