Day 8 – When Someone You Love Beats You

100 Happy Days –  Day 8

Happiness is when someone you love crosses a milestone.

I have always been proud of my 12th standard marks. It wasn’t too high. But it was definitely a flauntable number, specially in my family.

Like others, I wasn’t particularly happy to hear that someone else beat my marks. Until, today. My baby sister’s 12th standard board results were out and…


I am not sure whether the picture is clear since I’m using the WP app. The percentage comes upto 92%. Since they had gone to Trivandrum, I was the fortunate one to check the results and inform. Imagine my joy!

I had no company to shout & scream. But with lots of excitement I called her up and read out the numbers while she listened wordlessly. In the end, all I could hear were squeaks and gasps. That confirmed her joy.

For another 2 hours, I was walking around the house thinking about how to celebrate. After all, it is not everyday that someone scores more than me & I feel happy about it. I bought her some sweets for starters and the bigger celebrations are on the way.

The most important thing here is, she wrote a couple of entrance exams and she did not get through. We never blamed her. If she hadn’t scored this well in her boards, we wouldn’t have blamed her either.

I do not believe that a person’s abilities are to be tested based on a few subjects. It is like asking an elephant, a fish, a crocodile and a bird to compete in a swimming competition. Children are different and Science and Maths are not the yardsticks to measure them.

This is that time of the year when umpteen results are declared. If your relatives or friends or children have not cleared or have got low marks, don’t upset them. They will already be upset. Remember, this is also that time of the year when student suicides are high. Tell them that it is alright. That this is not the end. Let them choose what they want to do. Tell them that exams don’t decide their abilities. Tell them, no matter what, you will be there for them.

For, lost marks are just numbers. But a lost child, will haunt you your entire life.

So, for those who scored well, celebrate. Eat some pizza! For those who didn’t, cheer them up. Eat some pizza! 😀

6 thoughts on “Day 8 – When Someone You Love Beats You

  1. Congratulation to your little sister and to you.
    My cousin, whose results were out couple of days ago, was second State topper too!!


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