Day 2 – Playing Games With Friends

100 Happy Days – Day 2

Happiness is playing indoor games with friends. 

This is something that happens very rarely. As you know from my previous post, our exams just got over. And this time, I really studied my brains out. I was looking forward to some nice activity after exams and sure enough it has been quite good so far (apart from my allergic eyes).

Last night, three of us – two very good friends of mine and I – decided to go for a movie today. Trust me, there are so many movies left to watch for all three of us since we all had exams. So we had lots of options. One by one, we cut each of our options and finally ended up meeting at my place. 😛 Ahh yes! World’s weird ways, that is exactly how plans work. Unplanned!

So, the idea was to play some indoor games. UNO, Sorry, Carroms, Monopoly etc were some of the games in the list. We ended up playing three of them and it was so much fun. At one point of time, while drawing cards from the UNO pile, we ended up laughing non stop. The reason being… well, I don’t want to spoil a joke by explaining it. So, let it be.


Anyhow, some of them find the idea of getting together under a roof and playing some indoor games stupid. One thing I always felt was that, it doesn’t matter where you are, nor does it matter what you do. All that matters is the company. If you have a bunch of people who would laugh with you for anything and everything, they will laugh with you anywhere. 🙂

So, do call up your old friends and play some games. Do let me know if you enjoyed.

PS – If you haven’t played UNO, do try. The cards cost very less and it is so much fun to play.


10 thoughts on “Day 2 – Playing Games With Friends

  1. UNO is a really cool card game….I used to be very good at it 🙂 now… not so much 😦 but still I wouldn’t mind playing it once in a while….
    I love carrom, Though I’ve not played it in a while….a couple of games and I’ll be back… 🙂

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