Refreshing Coffee shops in The Heart of Chennai

I love coffee. My day doesn’t begin well if I don’t drink my coffee in the morning. Coffee is a social drink. 😉 It connects people, triggers memories, ideas and as CCD’s slogan puts it:
A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

While, all this is true, the ‘coffee experience’ is something different when one visits cafés. Many times, I run to cafés not just for the coffee but for the entire experience and the ambience there. Here is a list of Refreshing Coffee shops in Chennai that gives the right combination of ambience and caffeine boost:

Cup O’ Café – There are some refreshing smells on this Earth and most of you would agree that the smell of Coffee comes among the top ten. The moment you open the door, the aroma of coffee wafts in and there begins the ride. You get an ancient, royal feel due to the bungalow set up they have created. Among their drinks, the cold coffee is a must try for the sultry summer that is setting in.

I haven’t heard of vegetarian cafés before. But dear Vegans, here is one for you. It doesn’t end here. The Non-veg lovers may note that the food in Cup O’ Café is so good that you wouldn’t really miss Non-Veg. The special recommendations being, French Vegetable soup and the sizzling brownies.

Location: Purasawalkam, Chennai

The Brew Room – The name does add a zany twist to the cafés right? This one is a part of the Savera Hotel – One among the best Cafe restaurants in Chennai.  This place is highly recommended if you are looking for a romantic date. For, they have outdoor seating with mellow lighting. The decors do suggest that they have style.

A combination of Capuccino and Jalapeno Cheesy bites would tingle and pamper your taste buds so much that you would return for more. The Eggs Benedict is a must try. With the perfect combination of looks, ambience, style, food and above all the essential caffeine, The Brew Room steals the show. In short, a cheerful place it is. J

Location: Mylapore, Chennai

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Tucked in a corner of the Phoenix city market, this comfy place is perfect for taking a quick evening bite, spending some leisure time with friends or family. This would be the kind of place I would pick for a casual, cheery evening. Unlike the earlier cafés, this one isn’t high on ambience. But there is no compromise on their delicacies.

They serve more than a decent amount when it comes to drinks and the food is presented impeccably. The sight of the food gives you the feeling that it is going to be good. The Double Chocolate Latte, cappuccino and the Americano tops the drinks list.

In the food category, they offer an extensive list of desserts. Probably, as much as the good Bakeries in Chennai. While, Masala aloo wrap and salsa is the most preferred. An absolute delight!

Location: Velachery

Here is to a refreshing experience with coffee in the heart of Chennai. Cheers! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Refreshing Coffee shops in The Heart of Chennai

    1. Yes. If the coffee is made by me, my Mom’s coffee beats that. And my Grandmom’s beats everyone else’s. Of course! They are all coffee made at home as you said. 😉 😀

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  1. coffee shops in chennai are of little relevance to me. But I thought that you live somewhere near Kochi.

    And yes, coffee is a social drink. Sometimes, generally in evenings when we are returning from a trip or a long walk or a swimming session; returning home without sitting for an hour in a coffee shop will be foolish. When someone asks us for coffee, they are not just asking for coffee; they are asking for us to be with them and vice versa

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    1. Yeah I live in Kochi. wrote this as a part of an assignment. I agree. Coffee has so many meanings and I love the feeling of spending some time with friends and coffee in a cafe. 🙂


    1. I must try that chocolate thingy. Thanks for the tip 🙂
      Oh don’t even remind me. I worked in an office that had a coffee machine at the centre of it. I loved going for work there 😛 It always smelled of coffee and I never got tired.

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  2. I love cold coffee but nothing can beat the aroma of freshly brewing coffee.. not even its taste ! Sadly I am not an expert on the topic and am still learning to relish various tastes 🙂
    Nice aromatic post Ranju …
    PS – I am here after along gap in fact first time after this change in the blog features.. the font is bigger and its more purple 🙂 And I appreciate your love towards me during my absence girl 🙂

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    1. Yeah coffee is like the universal Love 🙂

      I know, I was wondering what happened to you. well, the purple was an accident. I will soon revert to a theme with sidebars for I miss all the chaos on my blog. It looks too plain for my liking now 😛

      I’ll keep sending in the love. Your posts get delivered into my mailox. So I know when your fingers work their magic on the keyboard 😉 😀

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      1. hey dear girl … I have replied about the way I am reading posts at my blog .. just the marathon way 😛 that’s an apt name you have given Ranju ..:) from now onward I’ll use this only – Kokila’s marathon Raid :p:)

        Thanks a lot for your patience and love dear … yes I too loved your blog a bit messy and purple and choc-o-bloc .. where is the broom ?
        HUGS 🙂 ❤


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