Simple Things And Happiness

Our doorbell rang. When I got the door, I saw our neighbor holding a black puppy in his arms. He had found him on the road. Since he worked with an animal shelter, he brought the puppy home. I love puppies, but due to personal reasons, we can’t keep pets at home and so, I was always upset about not having one. My sister and I took this guy and played with him for the entire day. Initially he was silent and sleepy. But soon he was playful. He was a little prankster tricking us and playing tirelessly. He was weird and funny. He was the cutest black thing I have ever seen. Though I had to give him away, the few hours with him was true happiness. J


My work schedule was hectic. I was falling sick now and then. I had failed in my exams and there were too many things to take care of. After a month worth of struggling, I had gotten used to the life of rat race when I got the message.

Your account has been credited with Rs. xx…

My first salary. I jumped up, screamed, whooped and punched the air. For the next fifteen minutes I was jumping around and squeaking. It wasn’t about the number. It was about the fruits of my efforts. That was happiness.


Being fond of writing, I wanted to do something solid in the area. As a stepping stone, after months of searching, I found an ad about a writing job. I applied for the same. Soon, I got the reply. After two sets of screening, I got a call. The lady on the other end told me that I was selected. I hadn’t told anyone that I had applied for the job. When I got it, I told them all and my family and friends looked proudly at me. I was doing a part time job in a field I was passionate about. J That was true happiness.


One fine day, I opened Indiblogger and found a new campaign – Happy Hours. Unable to believe my eyes, I wrote a post on the given topic. The very next evening, I got flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 1000. I went around telling everyone what had happened. It was my solid earnings from writing. My joy knew no bounds. I would distinctly remember how happily high I was.


Happiness is defined as experiencing the effect of favorable fortune.That is as far as the definition goes. But the favorable fortune and its intensity differs from person to person. All it takes to make me happy are; a word of appreciation, an effort to surprise me, expressing the joy of seeing me, when someone says that I am missed, puppies licking, incomprehensible baby talk, finishing a blog post, the color purple, the color black, the word Harry Potter or anything related, Powerpuff girls, a comment on my blog post, pizzas, extra oregano, chocolates, coke with pizza, gifts, long drive, dresses, rain etc.

Well, Barbie dolls, toys, cartoons and Harry Potter never ceased to make me happy. 🙂

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