Asus Zenfone – My Ideal Valentine

What do you normally look in a valentine? There are definitely a number of things that I look for and you will soon know why Mr. AZ 😉 (Asus Zenfone) qualifies to be one.

1. Looks – I don’t give priority to looks. I want my valentine to be good at heart and he should understand me well. All are beautiful in their own way. But when AZ happens to be stunning, well then, no comments! 😉

Let us dissect my valentine on the basis of his looks. We have design & build.

Design  – AZ comes in some sexy colors few of which are Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, Twilight Purple and Champagne Gold. The rear can be removed and the colors can be changed as per my choice. Ooh! That Twilight Purple has me hooked in it. As far as I’m concerned, anything purple deserves to be my valentine. In this case, my valentine changes colors as per my wish *whistles* 😉

Build – It is sleek. I wouldn’t say it is the thinnest phone (I wouldn’t prefer anything too thin), but it is built in such a way that it is thick in the center and gets thin around the edges. It not only fits snugly in my hand, but adds to the tempting looks too. Besides, the plastic rear and the matt finish gives it a soft feel.

2. Expressing love – I’d love it if my valentine looks at me alone, unaware of his surroundings, if he sees all that I see and captures the surroundings and remembers our time together forever.

Camera – AZ does precisely that. Zenfone 5 is 8Mp while 6 has a 13 Mp camera. It has a low light mode that detects dark environment, increases the light sensitivity and improves color contrast. The clarity is really good for a medium priced phone. I, being a selfie addict, cannot ask for more when the phone captures my images. There are also many features such as panorama, miniature mode, smart remove mode etc.

3. Cheering up abilities – An ideal valentine would be someone who is humorous, can make me smile, sooth me when I’m down.

Audio – AZ has a SonicMaster Audio Technology which enables an enhanced audio experience. How many of us look for phones with good audio quality? I do, and Asus have done their homework really well. The Audio wizard has several modes such as power saving, gaming, recording, movie etc.

4. A Good listener – I have heard many women complain that men lack listening abilities. We’d definitely love it if we could find a valentine who would listen to whatever we have to say.

Storage – I can record music, voice notes, videos, capture images and AZ just listens, watches and absorbs everything that I say or show. The system has an 8 GB of built in storage capacity. In my opinion, that is just perfect! Which valentine listens like that with so much of fervor? 😉

5. Low maintenance cost – I love gifting things to my valentine. But what if my valentine likes only branded things? 

Price – Well, my Zenfone gives me no such trouble. The cost is very much affordable and it takes hardly any maintanence. Presently, you can find Asus Zenfones ranging from INR 5000 to INR 15000. I’m taking about the series 4,5 and 6. With all these features, a phone at INR 5000 is reasonable. Don’t you think?

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8 thoughts on “Asus Zenfone – My Ideal Valentine

  1. I have wondered what is the chance for someone from Cochin to successfully submit it the very first time. I rarely manage to do that and I retry and retry. Do I have a better chance within the city limits? 😀

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    1. Same here. I try probably twice or thrice and then manage to submit it. Never submitted the very first time. If you retry a lot, then the chances are definitely better here. 🙂

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