Day 21 – My Favorite Author(s)

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 21  – My Favorite Author(s)

Enid Blyton

Because she made my childhood beautiful. I could go on and on about the books I read. But sadly, I don’t remember half of them.

Courtesy: wikipedia

I enjoyed. Yes, a lot.


So much that, I had begun to write a book about 5 Brownies named Hy, My, By, Fy, Dy.
Um… dont know what happened to them 😛

J. K. Rowling

How can ‘My favorite author’ not comprise her. It is as though, Enid Blyton realized that I was too grown up for her books and handed me over to JKR. That must be it. Though, I don’t believe that anyone would be too old for books. I still read teenage books. 🙂

courtesy: wikipedia

I heard about Harry Potter when the 1st movie was released. My dad asked me,
“Do you want to watch Harry Potter?”

“No.”, I never watched English movies then. They never interested me.

“It is good I hear.”

“It’s alright. I really don’t want to.”

Kids my age, many of them had watched it. I thought it must be a story about a Pot maker wala Potter. Why would I want to watch stories about pot making!?

Later, I saw my classmates reading the book. They were discussing animatedly about it. I observed them for a couple of days and the words ‘Magic’, ‘School’, ‘Witch’, ‘Wizard’ etc kept popping up. Finally, I picked up the book from the library, to never stop. 😀

It has been 12 years since I got the letter to Hogwarts. I remain loyal. 😀

13 thoughts on “Day 21 – My Favorite Author(s)

  1. Enid blyton was fav during childhood. And about jk rowlings i would say she was rejected by so many publishers before harry potter . but the way she took that rejected and believed in her writing so much that now millions of copies of her book is sold ..

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      1. anything magical always awes me… and one gets lost in the world of the make believe….
        I dont know your reading tastes, but if you are interested in spiritual / tantric stuff, read the 3 books on Aghora…. It is inspiring…


  2. I need to come up with such a list too 🙂
    Btw, the same thing happened to me – the first time I heard, I thought he was a porter (especially when hearing about a train going to a school :D)

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    1. Then why don’t you also join the 30 day challenge? 😉
      Hahaha so I take it that it is either normal to assume things about a title or that we both belong to some weird club 😛

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      1. I wasn’t either. I began a challenge earlier and stopped halfway. This is the first one that took me this far. Chumma start & see. You can as well stop if you cant. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes. Opening her books were really like entering another world. My pleasure Parul. 🙂 And thanks for leaving your comment. 🙂


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