Day 19 – A Book That Changed You

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 19 – A Book That Changed You

How to Win Friends and Influence People


I used to be a very silent child. I loved talking, loved having fun, being adventurous and sporty. But somehow, due to so many reasons, I had become quite. When I was asked something, I just answered to the point. When someone became too chatty, our teacher used to make them sit next to me. Because I never talked.

Whenever I went anywhere, I used to take a book with me. Any spare time that I got, I’d read. Once, in my tuition class, I asked a friend if he had any good books. He was our tuition Sir’s son. He went in and came back with this book.

He said, “It is good for introverts like you.” I didn’t know what an introvert meant then. Anyway, I read this book and realized that I had certain wrong notions. One among those were:
I thought that if I appreciated someone, they would either think that I am interested in them or become too proud. 

But once I read this book, I realized that I was wrong. Appreciating someone boosted their confidence and improved your relationship with them. It would bring a smile on their face. Of course! It should come from your heart and shouldn’t be simply for the sake of flattering them.

I began to apply this in my life. I remember the results when I applied this in my office. I said,

“Hey! Nice shirt!”

“Aww that is a pretty dress. Where did you buy that from?”

“You look beautiful today!”

“Remember that day when you did that for me? It made my day.”

All these comments were genuine. Whenever I felt good about anyone or any action, I voiced it. And soon enough, my office mates began to mirror me. They involuntarily began appreciating. When my dress was good or when my hair looked good, I was told so.

In some part of my heart, I felt good about the tiny change that I had made in a tiny part of the Earth. 🙂

Hence, this book became the one that changed me and made me more confident.

Next time, do not forget to appreciate when you see something nice.

Which brings me to; thanks a lot for reading my posts and leaving your feedback. I love reading them all and leaving my reply. It not only encourages me, but also helps me improve. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Day 19 – A Book That Changed You

  1. This was one of the excellent book i read when i was in school and proved to be the 1 st self help book which had a positive impact on my attitude. I still treasure this book.
    Yes of course appreciation makes other person feel valued .
    Keep sharing. Cheers

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