Day 14 – Recommend A Book

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 14 – Recommend A Book

The Host

Warning: The first half is boring. But it is worth the wait since the later half compensates for it all.

I have never heard anyone say anything about this book. I don’t know anyone else who has read it. It might be due to the hatred for Twilight, that people completely avoided this book of Stephenie Meyer. But I would say that twilight and The Host are poles apart. This one is a fantasy too. But I felt it was more sensible. That explains the slow pace. Had the pace been faster, it would have made the story too unrealistic.

For those interested, HERE is the review I wrote about the book.

I wouldn’t say that the book is The Best. But it has been underrated for sure. If you like some wordplay and some deep feels and some romance, please do go for it. Above all, have some patience. 🙂

If any of you have read it or will be reading it, do let me know your comments about the book. I’d really love to listen to someone else’s point of view.

9 thoughts on “Day 14 – Recommend A Book

  1. When I read this book, I had already read Twilight and didn’t really care for it, but my friend insisted that this book was better, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad that I did! Like you said, it’s not the best book I’ve ever read, but it was pretty good and was really unique. I heard that she might turn this into a trilogy as well, and I would definitely pick up any sequels to The Host.

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    1. Oh I am glad I finally found someone who has read it. 😀 Truly, her Twilight series have made her so infamous that people wouldn’t consider picking another book of hers.
      I am not looking forward to the sequels. She has finished The Host gracefully. I don’t want to lose the love I have for the book due to its sequels.


    1. Neither Raman, I frequent the library. I have a very few number of books at home. I always prefer the book reading experience. Reading online happens very rarely when I have no access to books at all.


  2. You have piqued up my interest to top notch now.. 😉 I am finding more and more interesting things and many similar likes over here.. And I am definitely gonna be looking out your space regularly I guess.. 🙂 You write what interests me in an interesting way.. 🙂 Glad to be in here.. 🙂

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