Tresses – Thick, Long, Beautiful and Lost

They laughed, waved,
smiled and toiled.
They danced in the breeze
and reflected her turmoils.

They were stared at, they were touched,
some gazed at them, awed.
For the beauty was rare,
of such tresses long, strong and thawed.

Anger pulled at her hair,
With his arms brawny, he hauled.
He curled them around his fist,
and hit her against the wall.

Envy leered and sneered,
and held gently her tresses.
With a smile of deceit, bit by bit,
he snipped them as he caressed.

With the passing years,
her head ached with the burden.
Of illness, pains and aches,
and her tresses adding to them.

Envy, Anger and sickness,
Never sullied those beautiful thick hair.
They grew every time,
quick and with a newly found vigor.

Until he came along,
Uninvited and never to leave.
Not a strand did they find later,
Envy, Anger and the pain peeve.

For the tresses fell & never grew,
as long as the guest remained.
And to shun him, they had begun
radiations that had her hair drained.

Inspired by the life of someone I know. She had long, straight, beautiful hair that grew so quickly every time it was trimmed. She was subjected to a lot of domestic violence and her hair was what her husband used to torture her. People used to be very envious of her hair and force her to cut them off when they got a chance. As if this wasn’t enough, she was diagnosed with cancer. By the grace of god, she is well now.

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23 thoughts on “Tresses – Thick, Long, Beautiful and Lost

    1. Thank you 🙂 For both liking the post and trying to refollow. 🙂 I don’t know how you’d feel when you get to know that I know people like this. I don’t own the credits.

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  1. Its so beautifully written, kudos, Thank you for sharing this. May God be with all those who are going through life with cancer.


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