Santa Claus & His Lost Love.

Christmas just got over. How did you all enjoy?

I had my CS exams and so can’t say I enjoyed much. And about the exams, don’t even ask! I screwed up a paper completely. And why not? The time I had to study for the same, I spent talking to Santa. Umm… Ya we are on first name terms now. Chaddi Buddies! 😀 I’ll tell you what happened. After we began talking, the conversation turned to his past.

“I was a charming, handsome and hot guy.”

“Umm… Is this a real story?”, I asked.

“That was so rude. I’m leaving.”, he got up.

“Sorry sorry. Please carry on.”

“Girls used to swoon & queue up to befriend me. My sense of humor was legendary. I knew how to woo women with sugary words and precious gifts. Many girls came & went in my life.”

He indeed sounded like The Barney Stinson of olden days.

“One day, I came across this gorgeous young lady whom I instantly fell in love with. Her name was damsel. Soon enough, she fell for me.”

His eyes twinkled when he thought about it.

“Well, I had changed instantly. I did not have eyes for any other girl. We were happy & about to get settled. That was when Q came back.”

“Who is Q now?”

“She was one among those temporary girls whom I had wooed. She was furious when she got to know about damsel. She threatened me, said she’d make my life hell if I did not accept her. I ignored her. And the next moment, she transformed. She took her real form – The Evil Queen.” 

That sounded familiar. I racked my brains.

“She cursed me. Said that I would grow permanent white beard and roam the snow filled mountains. Every year during Christmas I’d visit the city, see how happy the youth is and suffer. Soon after this, damsel came home but did not recognize me. She didn’t believe whatever I said and the Queen’s curse came true.”

“The Queen… The Evil Queen? As in Snow white?”

“Yes the same. I understand your doubt. The fairy tales are all connected.”

“You have got to be kidding me. You’re mixing up fairy tales and saying it’s your life story.”

“You don’t believe me.” He looked at me sadly.

“Go home Santa, You’re drunk!”

He fished his pockets for something. After throwing out some candies, sweets, cakes & toys he came up with a picture.

“See? This is my real form.”

My eyes bulged seeing the snap.

“But you’re so fat. In the snap, the guy looks hot.”

I saw Santa blush. And then, he pulled out a couple of cushions from under his suit.

“I figured, being plump went better with the beard.”

“Alright, why didn’t you shave your beard?”

“Shave? Um… during those days, we used to remove beards using magic. I’m forbidden to use magic.”

“Er… Are you forbidden from using a razor?”

“A what?”, he blinked.

I sneaked to my dad’s room, handed over the Gillette razor and said, “I know nothing about beards. Here’s my phone. Just google about it & do it yourself.”

Well, he didn’t know how to google. So I gave him the details & he was back after around an hour. This is what greeted my eyes.


No sooner had he shaved, Damsel appeared. She apologized for not recognizing him. He thanked me, promised to gift me everything from my wishlist and vanished.

And that folks was Santa’s story. He shaved his beard and got his lost love back. 😀

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

I tag Sajith to take up the challenge. 🙂


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