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So, Will You Shave?

Accepting tag from Teny to write this post. 🙂

“A person’s looks differ from their character. One cannot judge a person merely by his looks. In a group, how can you bluntly say that the guy who is clean shaven is better?”, Li questioned.

Jo replied, “That is the truth. A clean shaven guy creates a good first impression. A per-”

Li cut in between. “Ultimately, good character is more impo-”

“Let me fi-”

“listen! listen to me”

“You can’t interrupt like-”

When the entire group began talking together, the panel members silenced them.

“Remember, you are the ones seeking the job. If we cannot discern what you say, there is no point having this GD.”, the short stout member from the panel said. He stood for a minute sweeping his eyes through the entire room for effect. And then,

“Now, you may continue.”

Li stood up, “Shaving shouldn’t be linked with character or career. It is a person’s choice. In fact I have noticed that stubble improves people’s personality more than clean shaven look. Besides, a bad guy who is clean shaven is a liability for an organisation.”

Jo seized the opportunity, “Then why have you shaved for this interview & GD? You could have come with your stubble!”

“Because, the society believes in clean shaven people & I need a job.”, came Li’s reply.

“There! You have just self contradicted your comments.”, Jo piped in.

“He did not. He said that society’s stereotypes about clean shaven face must be changed. As long as it is not, he has to go by the society’s rules because he needs the job.” said Po

“In any given circumstance, present a clean shaven genius and unshaven genius to a set of panel members. They would prefer the former. Always!”, said Jo.

The discussion went on for another 15 minutes and they were called upon to give their consensus. The consensus made was that the importance of a clean shaved look differed with companies, people and situations.

The panel informed them that they would know their results soon and walked out the door. As they were leaving, the stout man whispered to the one next to him, “Mr. Li & Jo are equally smart. I’d prefer Mr. Li.”

“Ah yes! He wasn’t trying to flatter us. He stuck to his belief. Right?”

“No.”, the stout man said, “Because Mr. Jo did not even bother to get rid of that stubble.”

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette. I tag Swathy, Teny & Devika to take up this challenge. 🙂


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