Things that annoy me on Facebook

There was a time when I sent friend requests to acquaintances, whose friendship wasn’t necessary for me, just so that I could increase the number of friends in Facebook. Then slowly I figured out that the number of friends did not matter. It didn’t matter if it was a small close group or a large one and I quit thinking about it. In fact, I noticed others too did the same. This and many more.

When some of the madness on FB reached its peak, I thought of compiling them here. You may or may not agree with me. It is true, that you have every right to do as you please with your account. I don’t deny it. But if it makes you look stupid, you may have to reconsider your options. That is all I suggest.

So here I am, starting with the things that annoy me on Facebook:

  1. Half my life gets wasted here. That annoys me. I know, that is entirely my fault. 😀 I am the addict prying in others’ lives and trying to give an impression that my life is perfect. So I can’t solve this unless I Delete my account or reduce my Facebook usage. Which I hope I’ll do someday.
  2. People hitting like on their own pictures. It is none of my business to bother about what people do with their profile and their snaps. But I don’t get it. The fact that you uploaded a snap of yours itself means that you like it. What are you trying to prove by hitting the ‘like’ button on the same.

    You said it!
  3. Doing point 2 repeatedly. This one just leaves me clueless. You upload your snaps. If I like them, I hit like and if I don’t like it, I don’t. I am already wondering why you hit like on your own snaps when that particular snap peeps up every other day in my feed. Invariably, the post says, ‘xxx liked his own post from January’.
    Really? When you like your own snap, dislike it and repeat this n number of times, I ‘unlike’ that snap of yours and stop notifications from you forever. Because, it is annoying!
  4. A display picture could stay at least a week. You don’t have to change them on daily basis. There is nothing you can prove by doing that. Except, perhaps that you are desperate. Trust me! Seeing the same smiling face from the same angle, every single day isn’t something people are interested in.
  5. I respect your color sense. I believe you can do whatever you want with your body, the make up and FB profile. But somehow, putting up with the snaps where you and the other girls pose like you were gay, wearing dresses that may tear off at any moment, the cleavages fully showing, the dirty pout and the lipstick that blinds me… not happening. *Stop notifications* (I’d like to mention that the classy snaps are fine. Not the yucky ones!)
  6. Hashtags: The dictionary defines it as a word or phrase preceeded by a hash and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic. And guess what I see?

    “Status message about how someone ate sandwich at college with friends” #wonderful #ate #sandwich #college #with #friends

    I am like, #thank #god #they #don’t #use #hashtags #in #their #answer #papers #!

    I see almost 90% of my friends doing this. It has become some sort of a fashion statement. I am not entirely against using hashtags. If it was used moderately, I wouldn’t have noticed them. But they are excessively used. And an overdose of anything is annoying!
  1. A notification I get often.X likes this post:
    Stare into this picture for 10 minutes, comment A and hit like. See magic after that.Sure enough, X would have commented ‘A’ in the comment box and you don’t need a genius to tell you that for the last 10 minutes X would have been staring into that picture. I feel pity for them. And I am sure many of you too feel the same. To some of my approachable friends, I have told them not to believe in any sort of FB magic. It is not their naivity that annoys me, but the schmucks that make such posts and circulate them. Please stop them.
  1. Posts that piss me off:
    Hit like if you love your mother. OR If you do not share this within 5 minutes, your loved ones will die.
    And sure enough, there would be millions of likes and shares. If your life depended on FB likes and shares, my entire family would have been wiped off the earth’s surface the year I joined FB. If you love your mother, tell her that you do. Spend some time with her.

    Hit like within 5 minutes and make a wish if you believe in Jesus. Your wish will come true within next week this time. If not, exactly the opposite will happen.  OR
    Om Namah Shivaya. Share this and Lord Shiva will solve all your problems.
    Let me assure you, Jesus or Lord Shiva are not operating an FB account and monitoring who hit like or share and who did not. Neither do they contact Mark Zuckerberg to get your details nor do have any ties with the page admins. If you believe in God, go to temple or church or the altar and pray. Thank him in your mind for all that he gave you.If you don’t like or share any of these pictures, does it mean that;
    You do not love your mother?
    You do not believe in Jesus or Shiva?
    FB has some indirect hold on your family members’ lives?

    Just think!

  2. Killing English: A picture with a bunch of friends before waterfalls is uploaded. Everything is fine. The photo, the friendship, the love, the clarity, the happiness on their faces until I see the caption.
    ‘Ua ma lYf. Ua Ma wRLd!! mIz U mA cHweEt lovInG fRnZzzzzz… mUaHhhh!!’
    Does this happen because of lack of time or lack of education? If time Is the reason, while the snap uploads, you have plenty of time to give caption. FB gives that option. If it is some kind of a fashion, I am lost!
  3. Tagging your friends on your solo snap. My notifications are flooded with unknown people’s faces just because they tagged my friends on their snap. The funny part is, in the snap, they are alone! God… Give me patience!

I am sure some of my posts must be annoying my friends too. Well, maybe my blog posts that I share too often, which nobody is interested in!? 😛 As I mentioned in the beginning, it differs from person to person. In any case, if you are doing something because you are desperate to get likes and comments, you are doing it wrong. Because, most of the times, the desperation shows! If you need likes, just put up something worth liking. If you don’t get many likes, just leave it there or take it down. Don’t beg for it.

Do you similar experiences on FB or any other sites? Did I miss something? Have anymore suggestions to give? Please feel free to use the comment section. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

#Image #courtesy #google #images 😀

er… I mean, Image courtesy: Google image 😛

8 thoughts on “Things that annoy me on Facebook

  1. I feel irritated with these things as well. Especially the one u mentioned on point 8. I ignore messages like this studiously. Some of them contains really nice poetry or words, but because of the after note for sharing it to 8 or ten or die, I simply had to ignore them all. It is not only happening in FB, but everywhere, :/ and I absolutely hate people who starts this string of stupidity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha awesome! Agree with you. I hate PDA on Fb. Sorry but really not interested in knowing how much you “publicly’ love your spouse:p


      1. Thanks Divsi. 🙂 Yes that annoys me too. But only when it is overdone. Thankfully, I don’t get intorelable amounts of PDA in my feeds. *touchwood* 😀


  2. Hilarious! Great compilation!!
    And I agree. For a long time, I have been thinking of the same topic and must say that things that annoys us are so same 😉


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