The end of another phase

Have you ever felt that happy things end very soon? Having thoroughly enjoyed my College life for 3 wonderful years let me tell you this. This was not what I had expected when I walked into the immaculately furnished CA firm. It had a pleasant & a workable atmosphere. ‘A typical office. Now I have to behave lika a professional.’ These were the thoughts I had then. It was only later that I understood who wrong I had been.

I was introduced to a bunch of articled assistants/staff whose names I couldn’t remember at all & I feared I’d never learn them all in the next 3 years. For the next 6 months approx, the work allotted to me was such that, I hadn’t spoken to more than two-thirds of the people there. I always had out-audits & so I knew only the ones who had come with me. I thought, ‘This is the end of all fun & frolic. Life has taken a damned serious turn. Wish these 3 years would get over soon.’

With time, things changed. The office that concentrated only on work, began participating in programmes. The year which was marked by Individual tax season, Company tax season, MCA season, KVAT season etc, now was marked by footbal tournament, cricket tournament, Indoor games, Encore, Ekah, Onam, Christmas etc with birthday & send off treats in between. Every month, we had a reason to celebrate. We won, we celebrated. We lost, we grieved, we celebrated.

We were a crazy lot. Each day began by planning pranks. We had our own bunch of scapegoats. We had our own team of pranksters. We had our own language. No one understood what we spoke, not even us. But the message was conveyed. Working in an audit firm, we never fought for out audits that gave good exposure. We fought for out audits near which we had good restaurants. Our serious fights were solved within a day or two. But we held grudges against those who stole our chocolates. We fought like minions 😀 when it came to food.

We never had any groups formed in an office of about 40 articles. All of us formed one group irrespective of place or gender.  Ofcourse, there were some loose ends here & there who hardly blended in. But ultimately at some point or the other, we were all one single unit. It always amazed me as to how there were no groups formed. But all the same I was happy. We did have silly fights & misunderstandings, but no permanent grudges held. After a while, everything would be forgotten. Our Sirs doubted our friendship many times. They were annoyed by the noise & lack of professionalism. New rule came up that girls should occupy one half of the office & boys, the other half. What they didn’t notice was all of us were simply behaving in the same manner with everyone. There were no pretences. You just had to put any two of us together at work & we simply gelled in.

World’s best specimens were in our office. We have named them too. English motta, chullikambu, aarogya keralam, kuruttu panni, kaduku, Abhaas R Singh Khan, Kindi, Kokkapuzhu, Achaar manager & many more. All were cartoon characters in a single story. 😀


Now, after 3 years, when just 2 days are remaining for my send off, I realise that I really don’t want to leave. It’s not because of the work or the atmosphere. It Is because of the friends I have got there. During the last week, many of my friends asked me, when I would be leaving. Beaming, I said the date. Some of them asked, ‘You are very happy to leave right?’. That is how it looks from the outside, but after my exams got over, my only prayer was that these 3 months should go slowly. I really did not want to leave.

Once I leave, few of them in my office would miss me for a while & soon get back to their routine, enjoying the company, pretending to do work, and being the naughty pranksters they always were. But I would be stuck somewhere with a bunch of memories, willing those days to come back.  Many places in Cochin would remind me of our times together. I know I will be miserable for a long while. And then after few years, our contacts would dwindle down & god knows who all will be in touch with me & who all I will be in touch with.

At this point of time, I wish we had a pensieve, we could draw out are memories using a wand and watch them whenever we wanted. To those who didn’t understand what I wrote now, please ask a Harry Potter fan what it is. I badly wish the pensieve was real. One thing is sure though, this would be another phase of my life I would hold close to my heart. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy, I am leaving with my hands full of gifts – Of friendship & Love.  A post wouldn’t suffice to describe these 3 years. A book could be written – A really amusing one. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The end of another phase

  1. You should write that book, in here at least. Pranks are always fun to read about. I always get excited when I go to a new job, because I know I’ll meet a lot of new people. You have that coming to you now. 🙂


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