Madhura Bhakti – The story of the divine love.

I had written this post 2 years ago. Yesterday was Krishnashtami. Our dear Lord Krishna’s birthday & I thought I had to dig this post out for people to know of the Lord’s divine love. Enjoy those who haven’t read this before.
PS: This isn’t my version. This is an excerpt from the discourse given by my beloved Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I am a mere instrument in the hands of Lord Krishna – his flute…

A Few Handpicked Things in Life

Dheera sameere…    Yamuna theere…

Vasathi Vaney Vanamaali…

(Near the serene waters of Yamuna lived the Vanamaali)

He was the life breath of Gopis in Brindavan… The one with the peacock feather… The lotus eyed cowherd boy…

It was time  to leave for Mathura. He bids farewell to Yashoda and all others. He then proceeds to meet Radha. It was only Krishna who knew how pure her love for him was.  He kept thinking as to how to face her tears and how on earth to console and comfort her. As he was walking towards the Yamuna river where Radha would be, he could see her still form waiting for him.

As he approached her, he was perplexed to see her receive him with glowing smiles. She tells him, “Krishna, why do you look so sad and depressed? Are you scared of what would happen to me if you…

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