From the diary of a dishevelled CA student.

Look at you! Yes you! With spectacles which you never had until 2 years ago and the tan that has doubled over the period. Your calender has got only financial year and previous year consisting of interim, final & concurrent audits. The only festivals you celebrate are, the end of individual tax season, company tax season, KVAT etc. You have almost forgotten your friends’ & family’s birthdays and depend facebook for the same, while you remember the last day for remitting TDS, Service tax, VAT, ESI, EPF etc. :/

You who loved to roam around the city, wish or rather crave to spend some time home. You cannot say ‘Yes’ to a function invitation, be it after a week or a year, be it at night or the weekends. Because, who knows, you might get an audit just the day before the function or a class might get scheduled. Your friends call for a tour, your relatives ask you to visit & the only dates available in your diary are ‘during study holidays’ or ‘after articleship’. Ultimately, even if you get a long leave, you are on all fours counting your ‘leave credit.’ Kodumai saaar!

At some point of time in a CA student’s life, we reach a stage where it all gets too much. I mean really too much! Just few minutes ago, I felt like I am about to burst with all the burdens & so I grabbed my pen & scrapbook and began scribbling this stuff. Let us take this schedule for instance;

Mon – Fri
7am -9am: Class 1
9.30am to whenever (normally 5pm): Office

7am-9am: Class 2
10am -5pm: Class 3

7am-9am: Class 4
2pm-5pm: Class 2

This is just the case of someone who postponed attending classes till the end (myself :P). Else it isn’t so bad. But still, simply thinking about this schedule gives me a headache. I feel like I am in the middle of a sea. Having covered half the distance I am tired & worn off there. Either way, (forward or backward) I have the same distance left.

Think of it. We have 3 choices;

a)      Go back – Crazy? You can as well move forward, cover the same distance and reach the destination.

b)      Go forward – Your reward awaits there (obviously)

c)       Sink – Someone who has got the guts to choose this profession can’t even think of sinking in his wildest of dreams.

d)      Get help from a ship/boat that passes by – Literally means switching your profession halfway through coward!

So move on with your terrors. There isn’t anything wrong in freaking out at times. Instead of worrying, try finding out what your stress-busters are. I’ll give you some of mine for a start. I find these helpful;

a)      I simply write what I feel. Literally scribble on some book. It lets me spill my thoughts on a piece of paper & clear my head.

b)      Take a shower (It could be the umpteenth time. But still.) It cools me down.

c)       Take a walk, go to the terrace or call up my friends.

d)      Sleeeeeeeeeeeep. What is the big use of studying if nothings stays in your head?

e)      Create a drama! 😛 The only ingredient in this recipe is your closestest friend.

‘What the hell where you doing when I joined this course!? You and I knew this was how it was going to be. You could have stopped me! But you pushed me into this & you took another course!? Shame on you! I am not a person who should get wasted in classrooms and among academic books. You know that! Now better get me out of here you moron! I am in trouble damn it! Help! 😦
Find him/her, find some stupid, funny, reason-less reason & create a drama. I assure you this will make you feel better. Disclaimer: If your reasons get serious, you’re gonna get screwed up dude!
Go animated, expressive & dramatic at times. Simply let go. These are just few of my home remedies. You can find yours when you get messed up the next time. Hope you get lucky!

Tadaaa! I feel much better now that I have scribbled down so much! 😉

So, it’s rangelz signing off for now.

4 thoughts on “From the diary of a dishevelled CA student.

  1. This brought back memories…am so glad that’s all behind me!! No more articleship or CA classes! Don’t worry…life gets a little better once you’ve qualified….atleast there are no classes to attend! 🙂


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