The Lord’s pranks

As I stepped into the threshold of his abode, he said,
‘So, You have come!’.
His tone conveyed so many feelings. As if he had been waiting for me, as though he was angry with me for not turning up for so long. Of course  he has all the rights to be angry. Almost everyday I pass by and when I reach at that particular point, I make my own silly reasons and leave.

As I stood there, drinking in his beauty, the description ‘aspashtam drishtamatre’ came into my mind.Each time I go there and see him, that is what strikes me – His beauty, the glow, the aura cannot captured by the naked eye, the moment you see it. It is too strong and too beautiful. Once I take my eyes off him, a blur of lights and shape remains.

‘I am sorry for taking so long.’

‘Are you? Well, I presume you will be leaving soon!’ Sarcasm.

‘Eh… it is getting late so I guess I will have to.’ I said. As I began pradakshina (circum ambulating the deity), it began to drizzle . All of a sudden, the five-minutes-ago-clear-cloudless sky was teeming with clouds. By the time I completed the pradakshina, the drizzle had gained strength.
I looked at him exasperated.
And a playful smile crossed his lips. I couldn’t help but smile ‘Oh! your famous pranks again.’

‘So, why didn’t you come to see me for so long? Each time you passed by I expected you to peep in’.

‘Er… you know…’

‘I know what!?’

‘Well reasons. This and that’

He was silent.

‘You know how I love to spend time with you.’

No answer.

‘Oh please don’t be annoyed with me. I can’t leave knowing that you are angry.’



The priest came and said,‘You will have to wait outside for a while.’

A surge of anger and guilt.

‘So are you throwing me outside!?’


But even then I couldn’t help but smile. How could he play like this?

As I slipped outside, I realized it had gone really dark and that I must get home soon. Now that I had been royally kicked out, I considered leaving. The drizzle could be managed…The thought crossed my mind and right before my  eyes, the rain had gained immense strength & before I took around five steps, it was a heavy downpour mocking at me. I turned around aghast to see the temple doors closing. And again, I was smiling to myself.


The voice had a mocking touch to it,‘You wanted to leave, you may.’

And so I waited.

Each time I decided to leave in spite of the rain, the waters beat down on the roofs. It boomed loudly as water fell like sheets from the 3 sides. It rained like the sky was furious. But to me it looked like love being showered.
The coolness from the rains, the smell of rain, the sulky faced Krishna and his pranks all had my soul dancing in his rasaleela (The divine dance)…

‘Come on! Don’t do this. Now neither can I leave, nor can I see you. This isn’t fair.’

Sulkily ‘You don’t want to see me.’

‘It isn’t like that, you know that. Please open the doors.’

Practically I considered why the doors were closed and I asked the lady next to me if it was for athazha pooja (Lord’s dinner time! :)). She said it wasn’t. But she didn’t know why either.

‘Great! I don’t even know why I was thrown out!’

‘Don’t you?’

‘Oh yes I do. But the temple reason. Please please please, Open the door.’

After around 15 minutes of bragging, begging and complaining, he opened just one of the two doors & left it that way.

‘There you are! Though not fully convinced.’

He peeped from around the corner pouting. ‘I just wanted you to stay but you weren’t willing.’

I had nothing to say. i was just amused and astonished seeing the drama unfolding before my eyes. No wonder he is called the chithhachora (Thief of hearts). He has this uncanny art of stealing the hearts and getting away with his pranks.

‘You know that I am really late, don’t you? I do promise I’ll come again. Just open both the doors and let me know that you aren’t angry anymore.’

He stood there half hidden


And the other door opened.

I had a full view of his striking form.

I turned to the lady next to me and said,’I’d get going before it closes for athazhapooja. The rain has reduced.’

I fished into my bag for my scooter keys, searching every pocket thoroughly. But couldn’t find them,

I went out and checked the bike’s keyholes. It wasn’t there either.

‘Your game isn’t over yet?’

‘Why do you always presume it’s me? You should have kept it carefully!”

I ran back into shelter and searched my bag again. And my fingers closed around the keys that were missing a few minutes ago

‘You know that I love your pranks don’t you?’

The little Krishna smiled and with that I left. His ways are strange and he gets away with all his pranks. 🙂

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