Even CA could be funny at times-II


As I mentioned earlier, there are some really funny and unbelievable questions faced by any CA student at some point of time or the other- FAQs (lol).

So here I am taking the trouble of making a list of FAQs from my relatives & friends and the apparent answers I wanted to give but never managed to.

THEY:  What are you doing now dear?


THEY: Wow! Very good very good. (My proud smile.  And relief.  Apparently he or she knows about it, which saves me a good deal of explanation)

Which college?

(College? Oh no no. Not again! I feel my heart sinking deep within)

ME:  Ehh… Actually there is no college but just one institute and that’s ICAI. It is everywhere in India and abroad. I go to the one nearby here.

THEY: Yeah right right. So how many semesters left now?

(Wish I could secretly bang my head somewhere. Ask me how many years damn it! Years!)

ME:  It is not semester system. It is for 3.5 years. We either do self study or attend private classes, clear inters, do articleship and clear finals. I have cleared my inters and am undergoing article-ship.

THEY: Yes, article-ship is like you have to work with someone right? I know one CA who is supposed to be my sister’s friend’s uncle’s cousin’s neighbor. If you want I will suggest taking you in his…

ME: No No that’s fine. I have already started mine a couple of months back. I am satisfied with it.

(And for heaven’s sake get some knowledge about CA if you are going to suggest your sister’s brother-in-law’s whatever’s firm to a CA student. CA student is already in neck deep waters. His/ her articleship firm shouldn’t submerge him!)

THEY: So when will yours get over?

ME: (Should I answer you taking into consideration the probability that I fail a couple of times in my exams, or provided I get through my term of article-ship alive or considering that the world wont end in 2012?)

(In any case it will take at least 3 years which if I say, would lead to their favorite topic of marriage, which is the last thing I want. So I say)-

Around 1 .5 years.

THEY: Clear your course in your first attempt itself ok? It is really important.

ME: (A convincing smile) Sure sure!

(Whether you know about the course or not, never fail to give the first-attempt-clearing advice.)

And some other frustrating situations where-

THEY: You are working right?

ME: Well, it’s articleship.

THEY: I know I know. How much are you paid?

ME: As I said it is articleship so we don’t get much payment. We get stipend just to satisfy our personal require…

THEY: You should be happy with that. You are learning work and earning. Stipend shouldn’t bother you. So how much is it like?

ME: Around thousand or two…

(And the hell starts dangling, you will know why.)

THEY: (Bewildered) Thousand!!! Even construction workers get Five thousand per month!(But they are not learning work. Besides, the five thousand doesn’t turn into lakhs after few years.)

ME: But as you said I am learning work. They give us reimbursement for food and…

(The hell broke lose. Remember it was dangling earlier?)


THEY: What reimbursement? A few hundreds? That person’s daughter did ‘some-complicated-management’ and she earns around ‘1 followed by five zeroes’ per month!!! And look at you…

(By this time, I control all the fury raging within me. It takes a hell lot of effort. Don’t know how on earth she crept into the topic, but in any case as if she will look after me throughout my life. The irony being, after around few months I get to know that a couple of zeroes have gone on vacation from her monthly salary.) 😀

When all these FAQs bother me, two things I am sure of;Firstly, it will be a hell of a job to get through my finals, answering not only my question paper but also my friends’ and relatives’.Secondly, once I am through, I’ll have sufficient number of zeroes in my salary which will not reduce and probably the zeroes will answer all the unanswered questions.Meanwhile I wait as the lord weaves through my destiny.  😀

34 thoughts on “Even CA could be funny at times-II

  1. Tis is one of d most interestin stuff tat a ca studnt usualy come across n i luvd d way u presentd it…


  2. There r many idiots who are there to give tons of advices without even knowing what it is.. you have beautifully presented the true feeling of a CA student.. 🙂


    1. Oh is it? I was unaware of that. In India, CA means Chartered Accountant. I don’t know where you’re from, but it’s similar to CPA in US , ACCA in UK etc. We (Once cleared the course) do audit of the Companies as per the prevailing laws in the country. Only CAs can be the Auditors here.


  3. Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content.
    Please let me know. Thanks


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